東京で30年近くラーメン修行をしたパートナー・シェフMyo Htunのラーメンは、本格的な日本の味。お店の名前を冠したラーメン”Chaplin”は豚骨ラーメンに黒ゴマの香りを加えた逸品である。エイドリアン・ウィリアムズ、アリ・ワイルダー、マイカ・ワイルダーが共同オーナーを務め、カリスマバーテンダーとしても知られるワイルダー兄弟の作り出す革新的なカクテルは、ラーメンに華を添える。グループでシェアしやすいプレートメニューも豊富で、パーティーべニューとしても利用しやすい。


Chaplin’s is a restaurant that emulates the 1930’s Golden Age of Hollywood.

Here, you’ll be eating hot ramens and drinking cocktails with black-and-white silent movie playing in the background. Trained as a ramen chef in Tokyo for close to 30 years, the partner chef Myo Hyun’s ramen truly offers an authentic taste of Japan. The ramen that was named after the shop “Chaplin,” a tonkotsu(pork-bone broth) ramen with a black sesame scent, is truly a gem. While it’s co-owned with Adrian Williams, Ari Wilder and Micah Wilder served their purpose as cocktail gurus by coming up with innovative cocktails that took the ramen to the next level. Shareable dishes among groups are also available, which makes it perfect for party scenes as well.

It’s a glamorous restaurant that transports you to that glorious era of entertainment and fancy.

Chaplin’s $$$
Address:1501 9th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
TEL:(202) 644-8806
Mon-Thurs 3:30pm-1:45am Fri 3:00pm-2:45am
Sat 12:00pm-2:45am Sun 12:00pm-1:45am